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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dave Clemo's Family Tree

I've been doing some internet research on my family history. It may only be of interest to a tiny few, so I've created a separate blog.
Here is the link

And here's the picture that started the quest


alison said...

Hello from London,on...My "comment" is a query!I'm wondering if we are related.I am a descendent of the Clemo family of Camborne (John-born in 1854 in Redruth and Grace in 1857 in Crowan).They ran the Clemo Bus between Camborne, Penzance,Truro and Redruth.They were staunch Methodists and had 5 children-Lillian,Stanley,Annie, Charles and Gladys.Does this info ring any bells.Any help appreciated.Alison (nee Goad) Ferguson

Dave said...

My great grandmother Elizabeth Hayes of St Erth married Charles Clemo of Hayle in 1895. He was the son of a Hayle based mariner of the same name. Charles' grandfather was John Clemo, a stone mason from St Columb parish. I've not gone back any further than that, but it appears that we are not closely related.