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Friday, September 03, 2010

Anything but beige

We travelled over to the Scilly Isles earlier this week and I found the experience underwhelming. Yes, it was pretty, but most villages in Cornwall are equally so. Yes it was warm and sunny, but so was the Lands End peninsula. We had about 4 hours or so on St Mary's, which is either too short or too long, depending on your viewpoint.
They don't make anything on the islands, although they do grow flowers, so they rely on tourism. Everything is geared to the arrival of the Steamer (as the daily visit by the Scillonian is nicknamed)Before 11.30 and after 4.30 the island goes to sleep again.
Some people will like that. We didn't.
Because everything has to be imported from the mainland, prices are higher. Two pasties cost £7.00. Two ice creams cost almost £4.00.

However, that wasn't why I didn't go overboard for our boat trip.
So what was it?

I'm quite used to being the oldest in my group of friends and musicians. I'd say I was quite young at heart, although a bit cranky and creaky.
No, make that very cranky and creaky.
I felt like one of the youngest all day (I know I wasn't- but I was surrounded by beige and polyester crimpelene all day)

The boat had a stairlift. While we were waiting to disembark these words kept going through my head
"There's a lady who's told that she's getting quite old
And she's buying a stairlift to heaven"

Hardly rock and roll is it?
I made Sue promise never to let me wear beige- ever.
She rather spoilt it by reminding me that the Clarks trainer type shoes that I've been wearing for the last few years are beige.....

OK I'll make that one concession to comfort and anti-fashion.
But no beige. No polyester.
No cruises. No coach holidays.

I've managed 60 years of being awkward and out of step. Let's keep it that way.

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