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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gordons gaffe

The one eyed gurner was caught out again today. The mad fool forgot that he was still wired up to the Sky news cameras and told the listening world what he really thought about the woman he d been speaking to a few seconds before.
The Daily Mash has a great twist to the story here-

I particularly like this bit
"Senior Labour figures have expressed unease at Mr Brown's new tactic but there are suggestions that unbridled verbal assaults on elderly widows could strengthen the party's position with the thousands of educated, middle class voters who are embarrassed by their own parents.

One Labour source said: "We'll have to wait for the overnight numbers, but if it's working then from now until polling day we'll be targeting defenceless old ladies, preferably wheelchair-bound after a violent robbery.

"Perhaps he could hit one of them in the face with a spanner."

The Daily Motion has this Downfall parody. Very rude and very funny

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