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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday night pool party

We have a pool table in our back garden. Every home should have one. On Saturday night Chris and Heather invited Jamie & Rachel around for an evening of pool. Of course, being mid April, it gets dark before nine o'clock, so the ever resourceful Chris rigged a couple of Par64 lighting cans so that they could carry on playing.
A few minutes later he came inside to say that they could see the volcanic ash that had grounded all the flights across the UK and Europe. I went out and yes, you could clearly see that the air was full of tiny specks that glistened under the lights, although they were invisible to the naked eye.
Could this stuff really down an aeroplane? The experts say yes, if there was enough of it.
Take a look at this short video. If it was mid summer you could argue that it was insects, but this is England in April. It's too early by at least a month. And there were no barbies last night.

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