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Friday, April 30, 2010

How to cut £50bn

The Taxpayers Alliance have been doing the sums and have published how it is possible to cut £50 billion in public expenditure.
Read it in full here

Some highlights
Section 1: Tackling areas of spending that are not performing - Total: £7,705 million

1.1 Abolish the Bus Service Operators’ Grant - £451 million

1.2 End the ‘Preventing Violent Extremism’ grants - £15 million

1.3 Abolish Sure Start - £1,150 million

1.4 Abolish Building Schools for the Future - £2,300 million

1.5 Abolish the Education Maintenance Allowance - £530 million

1.6 Reduce ‘business skills’ support - £757 million

1.7 Halt further orders and upgrades for the Eurofighter - £740 million

1.8 Abolish England’s regional development agencies - £1,762 million

That is 7billion for a start. And you wouldn't even notice that they'd been axed.

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