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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Been robbed or mugged recently? Don't call the Police until after April 5th

You really couldn't make this up. Inspector Gadget has blogged this-
In a conversation which I recorded on my mobile for a “rainy day”, and a “blanket” email which I have kept to show HMIC, we have been told that the proactive teams are to come back into Jack Straws warmth, and start clearing up any outstanding crime reports.
They must not, under any circumstances, get out on the street and find any more crime. Not until the next financial year anyway. All their accumulated leave (and there is lots of it being as we don’t pay overtime any more) is to be taken between now and April. It’s best to have them out-of-the-way, they just cant be trusted to stay indoors......

Please visit Inspector Gadget's blog for the rest of the article.


inspectorgadget said...

Please ask before you copy my stuff word-for-word will you? It's common courtesy. Thanks.

Dave said...

Post edited and permission asked.
Will be more careful in future. Sorry guv.