Friday, January 08, 2010

Not such a silly question

John Redwood asked the Minister for Energy & Climate Change, Ed Miliband a question in Parliament. It was this; "Why is the Northern hemisphere winter so cold, and which climate model predicted this?”
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It's not a bad question is it? Perfectly reasonable I'd say. It ought to deserve a reasoned answer.
However, the scaremongers were out in force today, calling him every kind of name, saying that the science is settled.
That's what they told Columbus. The earth is flat.
That's what they told Galileo. The earth is at the centre of the universe.

The current spin/lie is that weather is not climate. Just because all the recent winters have been colder than the one before doesn't mean that the earth is getting colder. As if.
Next time someone tries to spin that lie, reply in this way
Just because a couple of summers were warmer than previous years it doen't mean that the earth is getting warmer.
They try to say that climate is measured over a long period, say, 30 years or more.
OK. So the global warmers started screaming about 19 years ago. Isn't that a bit soon to start claiming that the current weather is in fact climate?

They can't have it both ways.

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