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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Too many chiefs, not enough indians

I saw this article in the Mail the other day. It makes sobering reading

"The number of generals in the Army has swelled dramatically under Labour, leading to claims that too much money is being spent on top brass rather than frontline troops.

Britain now has 255 senior officers ranked Brigadier or higher, 27 more than in 1997.

That means there is now a general for every 415 men in the Army."

All those overpaid and overpromoted men and women sitting behind desks. Sack them all or give them a gun and some body armour and send the lot to Afghanistan.

And while we're at it, most of the Local Government CEOs earn more than the Prime Minister. That's a scandal. Fifteen or twenty years ago they were called Town Clerks and had more responsibility and cost us a lot less. Every Chief Executive that sits behind a desk stops the council employing ten labourers who could reduce the unemployment at a stroke, and keep the pavements clear of snow and ice.

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