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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The iceman cometh

Over at Big Brother Watch, Alex Deane reports that he was speaking to someone who'd fallen on an icy pavement
"A man who recently slipped on some ice and hurt himself very badly told me tonight that when he asked why the pavement hadn't been gritted, the answer he received was that the council feared litigation if pavements were gritted and people nevertheless fell."

So there you have it. Your council won't grit the pavement in case they get sued. Their reasoning is this. If you grit the pavement you are assumed to have taken control of it. According to this twisted logic, if I clear the ice and snow from outside my house and some fool slips over on the cleared path, they can sue me. If the ice is not touched they can't.
How twisted is that?

Cazzy Jones has blogged it as well

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