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Monday, January 25, 2010

SETI and the digital revolution

Dr Frank Drake founded the SETI unit more than fifty years ago. (SETI= Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) They basically point radio telescopes at the sky in the hope of hearing something that sounds artificial (I almost said man made!) You may recall that Jody Foster made a film called Contact based on their work.

There's an article in the Daily Mail

And it reports that Dr Frank is concerned that the digital age is making it more difficult for aliens to hear us. Why? because the digital signals sound like noise. This is how the Mail reports it
"To a race of observing aliens, digital TV signals would look like noise, said Dr Drake

Correct me if I'm wrong but.....
We're looking for an alien civilisation. As advanced or more advanced than our own. And we're scanning the skies listening for analogue signals?

We've spent fifty years listening for for a message from space in a format that is now officially obsolete on Earth. From an equally or more advanced Civilisation?

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