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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mystery object buzzes planet Earth

The Daily Mail reports that a mystery object passed close by the earth today. Here's the link to the page

There's speculation as to what is is/was. Could it be an alien craft? An asteroid? Space junk? I read a lot of Sci-fi over the years and I enjoy a good space yarn as much as the next guy, but i have misgivings about our race ever heading out to explore the Solar System and beyond. And I have doubts about whether anyone would want to come to this place, even on a tourist holiday.

The reasons why I doubt that man will explore the stars are manifold, but one is the fact that we can't design and build a car that'll travel more than a few thousand miles without breaking down or needing a service, so where off earth are we going to find an intergalactic service station to change the oil and clean the screen? We design our vehicles to be obsolete within a few years, or else fashions change so quickly that most of us drive cars that are so, well, last year.
Can you imagine turning up at the galactic core in the equivalent of a horse and cart? The wrong shape, the wrong style, wrong colour upholstery.....?

There are practical reasons to consider as well. We're travelling through space. It all looks the same. What do we do with our time? Play I spy? Hide & seek? Watch TV?

I've been virtually housebound for the last three or four months. I go stir crazy. Can you imagine what it'd be like to sit in a tin can (as Bowie so eloquently put it) for years on end, then arrive at Galactic Central to find that your outfits are so old fashioned and you pick up a ticket for stopping and looking at the sights in the middle of the rush hour?

Space travel? No thanks.

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