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Sunday, January 03, 2010

How the UK met Office got hijacked by the global warming conspiracy

At last the mainstream press are waking up to the global warming scam. Today Mail on Sunday carries an article about the Met Office, which has 1500 staff, a £170million GBP budget, and a supercomputer and how it consistently gets the forecasts wrong.
As I read the article it is revealed that the Met Office is led by a former head of the World Wildlife Fund who have bought into the whole global warming/climate change agenda. And it can be argued that the Met Office has become part of the conspiracy. They supplied the data for the Copenhagen fiasco last year.
So, instead of being impartial and reporting whqat is happening with the weather, the Met Office insists on reporting what it wants to happen- that is- tell lies.
Last spring we had a very warm Bank Holiday and Bournemouth beach was empty. Why? because the met office got the forecast wrong and people stayed at home.
Each year they say the summer will be hotter and drier, and each winter will be warmer and wetter, but the reality is the opposite. I no longer trust them.
The computer they use to forecast next week's weather is the same one that they use to forecast what will happen in 20, 30, 50 years time. Can we believe what they say?

The only serious rival to the Met Office, an amateur forecaster from Yorkshire, who used pine cones, seaweed and kept accurate records and used common sense died last month. For all the money and staff, the Met Office was no more accurate than he was.

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