Monday, January 25, 2010

Two halves of a pantomime horse

I hate Gordon Brown's government. I hate everything about it. When the Prime Minister's face is on TV I have to switch over. It's genuinely scary, specially when he smiles. Did he start his career at the Hammer House of Horror? I hate blinky Balls and his wife. I hate their hypocrisy and downright thieving ways. I hate the fact that there's not one member of the present government that's ever done a proper job. Robert Heinlein wrote that there are only three types of people-
Makers, Takers & Fakers.
Our soon to be ex-government consists of Takers & Fakers.

The other lot, the Tories, are almost as bad. They will get votes in because people fancy a change from being kicked by someone with a red rosette. They will now be kicked by someone sporting a blue one.
Callmedave and Boygeorge are trying to win by PR. By being nice. By airbrushed posters in lieu of solid policy. It's not enough.
The Tories and NuLiebor are two sides of a debased coin.
And Callmedave and Boygeorge are two halves of a pantomime horse.

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